Discover our high performance, low maintenance solutions for separating powders, liquids and slurries, removing oversized particles and contamination from your final product.

Separation solutions for the Ceramics industry

At Rotajet we understand the necessity for reliability and consistency in the products produced by the Ceramics industry. Whether you are removing impurities from clay or cement, producing fibreglass or refining limestone you require machinery that is fit for purpose, easy to clean and precise.

All our machines have been developed with this in mind and thanks to their compact design can easily be integrated into your current production line. We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our products, that’s why each has been tried and tested to industry standards.

Are you looking for the right machine for your specific application? Find below a selection of applications where our separation equipment can be used in the Ceramics industry. We have experience dealing with a wide range of applications so please contact our support team for individual technical advice.

As industry leaders in separation solutions we give simple no-nonsense technical advice so you can be sure your machine will be perfect for your needs.

clay refinement solutions


Remove agglomerates to produce high quality clay whether in its slurry or powder state.

solder powder separation solutions

Silica Powder

Refine and classify silica powder accurately in up to 5 product fractions with our high performance vibrating sieves