Static Screen

For separating solids from liquids without electricity or motors.

Static separating sieve

These static screens operate purely off kinetic energy using gravity to their benefit to control the flow of product. Due to this the screens require no electrical inputs or motors meaning absolutely no operating costs. Ideal for separating liquids and solids in a sanitary environment for applications such as meat, fish and vegetable processing.

Supervision isn’t required to operate these sieves meaning they can be used for long time periods without frequent maintenance. Due to their clever design the screens will not get clogged allowing for a seamless process.

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How do the static screens work?

The triangle shaped horizontal bars create a special effect called a wall adherence. Products/ material is dropped vertically onto the static screen and tumbles off while the water and liquid from the product is drained through the screen and is carried away.

Stainless Steel Static sieves
Static Screen Stainless Steel

This product is available in two sizes (600mm & 1200mm), and the bar mesh spacing is available in sizes ranging between 0,25 and 3mm depending on the material

These static screens are always made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel. This makes them ideal and for products that require to be safe for human consumption

  • Meat processing industries
  • Vegetable processing industries
  • Fish processing industries
  • Farms
  • Textile industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Recycling industries
  • Incinerators
  • Labelled bottles
  • Paper mills
  • Water treatment
Static screen in factory
Static separator washing

Since this machine requires no electricity, motors or energy, it it has absolutely no operation costs

Thanks to the clever design, the static screens can easily installed and be in operation for long periods of time without supervision

We understand your need to generate contamination-free products; that’s why the static screens quick and easy to clean. The screens will not clog all parts are easily accessible and can be cleaned quickly to minimise time between production runs.

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Separation Equipment

Rotajet produces a full range of machinery for the separation of product fractions and contaminants. The video below shows the use of a vibrating sieve in size classification.

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