Tumbling Screen

Ideal for fines and light weight products

Shaking circular screens are characterised by their TUMBLING motion.
Thanks to their manufacturing technology and mechanics, they are widely used when, due to the nature of the products, vibratory movements would cause operational problems.


EFJ tumbling screens are typically used to sieve extremely fine and/or lightweight products (food flour, micronised materials, mineral powders, plastic powders).
Should we use a typical vibrating screen, we would notice the product would rebound and tend to remain suspended, hardly coming into contact with the sieving mesh; this would result in the inefficient separation of the different particle sizes and anyway in extremely low hourly rates.

How it works

With tumbling the product, instead of rebounding, slides spirally onto the sieving mesh, thus increasing the possibility that it passes through the mesh; this results in an excellent degree of separation and in extremely high hourly rates. In simple words, the movement generated by EFJ screens is similar to that of manual sieving.

The EFJ screens consist of a carbon steel pyramidal base, topped by the screening unit, made of carbon steel or stainless steel, including one to four screening surfaces. All machines are supplied complete with cover.

If needed you may install “ball” or “kleener” mesh cleaning systems.

Separation Equipment

Rotajet produces a full range of machinery for the separation of product fractions and contaminants. The video below shows the use of a vibrating sieve in size classification.

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