Linear Vibrating Screens

Sieving and conveying

The linear vibrating screens are designed to separate solids from liquids while conveying the materials across. In order to meet customers specific requirements these machines can also be custom made and adapted so your needs are met.

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How does the linear vibrating screen work?

Vibrations are generated by two motorised vibrators that shake the materials along the deck. As a result, this simultaneously sifts the smaller factions through the screen in addition to conveying the material across. The machine is equipped with adjustable masses to allow control of the conveyance speed and therefore manage the production throughput.

3D vibrating linear deck separator

Recovery and recycling

The linear decks are available in either AISI 304/316 stainless steel or painted carbon steel. This ensures the process is suitable for most inputs, even materials that need to be safe for human consumption.

The linear decks are custom made to meet your specific size requirements and the vibrations of the screen are fully adjustable to ensure it is suitable for your application.

Recycling separation machine dewatering

Rotajet Separation

At Rotajet we want to bring you the compete solution. In partnership with Erimaki we provide a wide range of separation equipment which is suitable to use throughout many industries and is all adaptable for your specific needs. Rotajet can also provide you with the complete processing package with systems to wash, degrease and recycle your materials. Discover more from Rotajet on our Rotajet systems website.

Separation Equipment

Rotajet produces a full range of machinery for the separation of product fractions and contaminants. The video below shows the use of a vibrating sieve in size classification.

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