Ensuring repeatable product quality is critical in the successful production of pharmaceuticals across the industry. Discover our high performance, low maintenance solutions to your precise separation needs.

Separation solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry

With over 30 years experience, at Rotajet we understand the complex demands faced by the Pharmaceutical industry. Accurate separation technology is a critical part of your production process and we have ensured that our machinery can deliver the consistency and reliability you need. 

All our machines have been developed with your need for accuracy and efficiency in mind. Due to their compact design, they can easily be integrated into your existing systems. We make no compromise when it comes to ensuring our products quality and reliability and each has been tried and tested to industry standards.

Looking for the right machine for your specific application? Find below a selection of applications where our separation equipment can be used in the Pharmaceuticals industry. We have experience dealing with a wide range of applications so please contact our support team for individual technical advice.

As industry leaders in separation solutions we give simple no-nonsense technical advice so you can be sure your machine will be perfect for your needs.

separation solutions for cosmetics


Precise grading of fine powders in up to 5 product fractions to process quickly and efficiently.

pharmaceuticals powder separation solutions


Maintain the quality and reliability of your product with our innovative separation technologies.